How to Stop a Cough in Children


how to stop a cough

Once your toddler starts to cough, it is usually a sign of an underlying childhood sickness. Although a cough can sound terrible, it’s not generally an indication of a serious condition.  On the other hand, coughing is actually healthy. In fact, it is an important reflex that aids in protecting the airways in your throat as well as the chest.

However, there are times when your child’s cough calls for a visit to the medical doctor for ways on how to stop a cough. This is the reason why you should learn how to stop a cough in order to help your child be relieved of this discomfort.


How to Stop a Cough Naturally for Kids

Although you can always grab some over-the-counter drugs by the local pharmacy to as a way on how to stop a cough and relieve your child of coughing, it is better to try some home remedies first and several natural ways on how to stop a cough before ingesting any medication. As we all know, these drugs contain chemicals which may have a negative side effect on your child’s development. Yes, it is the easiest way on how to stop a cough. But you don’t want your child suffering its dreadful side effects.

  • Asthma care plan.  Confirm to your doctor if he will give a concrete asthma care plan. It should contain the right plan that will help you choose the right asthma medicines.
  • Shower with warm bath. Turn on the warm water in the bathroom shower and make sure that the doors are closed so the room will steam up. Sit in the shower with your kid for 20 minutes. The shower steam will help your toddler breathe easily and more normally.
  • Install a cool-mist humidifier in your child’s bedroom to help him sleep.
  • Cool beverages can be relieving. It is vital to keep your kid hydrated.  Give water or juices but not soda or orange juice. Such drinks can hurt an inflamed throat.
  • Don’t use (especially a baby or toddler) OTC cough medicine as a way on how to stop a cough without consulting your doctor. You can always find an alternative or herbal treatment that is a healthier way on how to stop a cough.
  • Cough drops can be used for older kids. But for those who are younger than 3 years old, cough drops may choke them. It is recommended for you not to use cough drops as a way on how to stop a cough unless the pediatrician says its harmless for your child.


How to Stop a Cough Medically

While most coughs are not that serious especially in children, you might want to go to the doctor for help on how to stop a cough once you notice these symptoms:


  • has problem breathing or is having a hard time to breathe
  • is breathing faster than normal
  •  lips, face, or tongue looks more dusty and blue
  • high fever but no runny nose and not coughing
  • babies less than 3 months old sick with fever
  • infants 3 months old or younger coughing for hours
  • when breathing, child makes “whooping” sound
  • there is blood in cough
  • wheezing when exhaling

It is better to seek for your pediatrician’s help on how to stop a cough before everything gets worst.



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