How to Stop a Cough that is Stubborn


How to Stop a Cough

It is difficult to be suffering from a stubborn cough especially if you are working or if you have some routine work to do. But don’t worry; there are several ways on how to stop a cough. Since coughing is a normal condition experienced by humans, it is easy to find a ways on how to stop a cough and home remedies for your stubborn cough.

Coughing is the sudden reflex action to throw out any foreign particle as well as for clearing the throat and lungs off mucus. It is commonly caused due to blocking of trachea. There are two types of cough: one that produces mucus known as productive cough and other that does not produce mucus, which is commonly known as dry cough.

On the other hand, coughing may not always be the sickness itself. It can be a symptom to another ailment, which is more serious and risky.  This is when you have to seek for medical attention for ways on how to stop a cough.


How to Stop a Cough Home Remedies



Here are ways on how to stop a cough immediately:


  • Inhale the steam from a  hot shower, vaporizer, or boiling water. The damp air can soothe your  airways and help loosen phlegm in your lungs and throat as well as sinus congestion. This is the simplest way on how to stop a cough.
  • Elevate the head of your bed. This will let your nasal passages and sinuses to take out phlegm better.
  • Stop smoking. Smoke is the number one irritant for your throat. So if you want to learn how to stop a cough, it is important for you to stay away from smoke. Household cleaners, mattresses, paneling as well as new carpeting are several possible sources of irritants to affect your throat.
  • Drink at least eight glasses (8 ounces) of water. It is the most basic way on how to stop a cough. This is especially vital if your cough is caused by an illness. Water will help thin the mucus as well as aid in loosening the cough.
  • Eat horseradish, hot chili peppers,  and other spicy foods. Spice will help in loosening mucus.
  • Drink hot tea in order to break the phlegm and dampen the airways.
  • Avoid foods that can increase the mucus  production in your chest, like dairy products, meat and fried foods.


Other Ways on How to Stop a Cough

Do not use over-the-counter cough remedies. These chemical medications can just stop the symptoms but they do not address the actual problem. If your cough has or produces mucus, you want to get it out of your respiratory system. Try one of the natural expectorant remedies below.

Here are other was on how to stop a cough:

If your house is dry during winter, use a humidifier and a cool vaporizer in your home or in your bedroom at night. This will aid thin the mucus. Be sure to scrupulously clean the vaporizer.

Stop smoking. Passive smoke or other irritants, such as chemicals, can also trigger coughing. Other chemicals may also be irritants such as household cleaners, new carpeting, paneling and mattresses. Avoiding these may help on how to stop a cough.

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