How to Stop a Cough the Natural Way

How to Stop a Cough

Coughing is not really bad.  It is the body’s reaction to instances when it feels that there are some obstacles to the normal passage of oxygen to the lungs.  However, there are also certain instances when the coughing can become really annoying.  It is during these moments that one would wish that he knows how to stop a cough.  There are actually number of ways of stopping a cough, some of these are even meant to remedy those that are really recurring.  However, it is also more beneficial to you if you choose the methods that are also safer.

How to Stop a Cough Using Remedies that are in the Home

One may wonder how to stop a cough while at home.  Knowing how would naturally be an advantage because, a person affected by it does not have to go outside of the home and get the remedies from the drugstore.  Drinking water is actually one of the most natural ways of stopping a cough. The manner of drinking should not be in big gulps, however.  Small sips would actually suffice as long as these are enough to clear the throat.  This method is applicable only if the cause of the coughing is in the throat area.  Of course, this may not work effectively if the cough is caused by problems in the lungs.

Another method that can answer the question how to stop a cough may be more complicated. This requires the making of a syrupy solution that is made up of ingredients that could easily be found in the kitchen cupboard.  These ingredients are cayenne pepper, ground ginger, honey, apple cider vinegar and water. All that are needed are ¼ teaspoons of cayenne pepper, a tablespoon each of honey and apple cider vinegar, and 2 tablespoons of water.  After mixing all these, one can take at teaspoon of the solution remedy his cough.

How to Stop a Cough with Herbs

Lemon juice or any citric juice is known for their properties that could sooth the throat.  One may drink the juice in its diluted form.  This could be mixed with warm water.  Some people may prefer to drink this with sugar but by doing so, the effectiveness of the juice as a remedy would diminish.  How to stop a cough using lemon juice in the most effective manner?  It is best that it be taken in its concentrated form, without water.

There are many other herbs that could provide solutions to incessant coughing.  If one wants to know how to stop a cough with the use of these herbs, it is best that he does a little research on the subject.  However, it is also very important to remember that herbal cough remedies are basically superficial treatment methods.  This means that more serious coughing which may be attributed to infections of the lungs could not be remedied by these.  How to stop a cough with herbal and natural ways may be effective in soothing the throat but not as treatment to infections.

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