How to Stop a Cough with Food

 How to Stop a Cough

It is frustrating some time to be sick with a cough. A cough is the body’s reaction to irritation or inflammation  in the  larynx, throat, bronchial tubes or lungs. Nevertheless, since this is one of the most common sicknesses experienced by man, it is not difficult to learn how to stop a cough.

Coughing are commonly caused by flu, colds,  bronchial infections, smoking, sinus congestion, and the natural urge of the throat  to eliminate an invading foreign matter. Dust, pollen and chemicals are other sources of irritants. ACE inhibitors, which is  used for high blood pressure, can also be an irritant. According to experts, such drug may have a cughing side effect and it is evident in the 21% of the pe using them.

The sound of your cough may also point out its cause.


  • Barking cough, croup or bronchitis
  • Cough that is high-pitched wherein your vocal cords are used and the airways becomes narrowed
  • A wheezing cough such as in asthma and bronchitis
  • Whooping cough as characterized by a gasping loud cough

If you don’t have any medical history related to asthma and other respiratory problems, seek for medical advice on how to stop a cough right away. Your coughing may be a symptom for another serious ailment.


How to Stop a Cough with Healthy Food


You can try purchasing over-the-counter drugs to relieve yourself of cough. Or, you can try natural ways on how to stop a cough by eating some foods such as the following:


  • Dark green leafy vegetables (like spinach and greens)
  • Citrus fruits give your body with the nutrients and vitamins it needs to aid your body fight infections as well as improve your immune system.
  • Raw onions can effectively remove phlegm.
  • The  turmeric (haldi) plant’s root is also useful in curing a dry cough.
  • Grape juice (one cup) with added teaspoon of honey are recommended as a way on how to stop a cough
  • Garlic is an excellent way on how to stop a cough


Drink a lot of liquids and fluids. Your body uses these fluids to help in sorting toxins and wastes. A very effective way on how to stop a cough is my keeping your throat moist with water and juices such as orange juice. Orange juice is a rich source of vitamin C which strengthens the immune system.

Eat spice such as green chilies, hot chili peppers,  or other spicy foods. They will help out loosen up the mucus, which is very effective on how to stop a cough.


How to Stop a Cough by Not Eating Junk Food

Here are a few more tips on how to stop a cough:

Avoid sugar and junk food. By loading up on junk food you are making your body weak and vulnerable to diseases. Have fresh fruits and vegetables so that your immune system is strong and prepared. Avoid sweet foods as well. It may irritate your tonsils and thus lead to coughing.

The most important note on how to stop a cough is to stop smoking and stay away from second-hand smoke. Smoke of cigarette irritates your throat consequently worsens coughing.

There are many more ways on how to stop a cough and you may try them all as long as you have your doctor’s permission.

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