How to Stop a Cough

how to stop a cough

Cough or coughing is the reflex or natural body reaction to excrete any foreign particles. It is also the body’s way to clear the throat and the lungs of mucus. There are several possible causes of a cough. It could also be a sign of an infection in the lungs that makes the respiratory passages produce more phlegm. It can become more irritating, which is why you should learn how to stop a cough immediately.

Cough is classified in two types: productive cough (produces mucus) and dry cough (does not produce mucus). It is triggered by various factors which include changes in weather, inflammed pharynx and larynx, asthma attacks, allergies as caused by pollens, dust or smoke, and smoking in itself. By learning how to stop a cough, you can relieve yourself quickly.

Learning the Cause to Know How to Stop a Cough

Most of us experience coughing about twice or thrice a year. However, coughing in itself may not be the sole condition. In some patients, coughing is just one of the symptoms of a serious underlying condition. In this case, it is important to consult a doctor to ensure what the cause of your cough is and find a way on how to stop a cough.

Here are several factors that can cause coughing:

  • Common cold
  • Inhaling foreign materials into the breathing tubes
  • Illnesses like pneumonia, acute heart failure or pulmonary embolism
  • Smoking (frequently leads to chronic coughing
  • Asthma

If in case you cannot cough but you have to clear out the mucus, expect that problems may soon arise. This can cause difficulty in breathing as well as other lung complications and sicknesses. So if you’re going to look for a way on how to stop a cough, you should seek those that help clear your lungs. Not clearing your airways might lead to an unexpected chest infection or worse, pneumonia. Pain-relieving medicines are usually given to trigger efficient cough. So before it gets worse, you have to learn how to stop a cough.

How to Stop a Cough Remedies

There are many ways on how to stop a cough. There are over-the-counter medicines available in drug stores that you can try as well as home remedies you can cook in your home. If you are not sure how to relieve yourself of this nuisance, here are some tips you can use on how to stop a cough:

Cinnamon and Lime Drink – The vitamin C helps boost your immune system. When combined, lime and cinnamon can cut down the excess phlegm.

Water – drinking plenty of water is the easiest and most promising solution on how to stop a cough. Water makes the throat moist, which makes it easier to cough out.

Hot Milk with Honey – Get a full glass of hot milk. Next, stir some honey in.  Drink this for about two to three times in one day.  Warm milk can help you sooth your throat as well as help you to sleep.

Peppermint and a little Ginger – Chew a peppermint candy or a piece of peeled ginger once or twice a day. These two can effectively stop the desire to cough.

If you suffer again from scratchy, sore, and irritated throat, try any of the said natural how to stop a cough home remedies.



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