How to Stop Coughing in a Few Steps

How to Stop Coughing

Cough is a common medical condition. It is generally healthy since coughing is the body’s natural way to eliminate excess mucus. While it is a natural, common body reflex, it can cause grave distress to patients who are suffering from it. Aside from recurring pains in the throat, you may also experience restless nights, sinusitis, as well as other complications. Thus, you have to learn how to stop coughing at once.


How to Stop Coughing


There are three types of cough: acute, subacute and chronic. A cough is considered acute when it lasts for one to three weeks. A cough is considered subacute when it lasts for more than three weeks. It can stay even when your illness is cured. Lastly, a cough is chronic when it lasts for eight weeks or more.


Some doctors instantaneously prescribe over-the-counter medicines to cough patients. While these over the counter drugs are proven to be completely safe for humans, it still contains chemical ingredients that can have severe side effect on your body. Without appropriate provision, you may experience from complications instead of cure.


So if you would like to know how to stop coughing, here are natural home remedies you may try:



Water – Drinking plenty of water is the easiest solution and a must if you want to know how to stop coughing.  Start drinking lots of fluids if you have cough.


Hot Tea With Lemon and Honey – Tea has a natural soothing effect and the honey puts a nice coating on your throat to stop your cough.


Cinnamon with Lime – The vitamin C boosts your immune system and the combination of cinnamon and lime cuts excess phlegm. It is the perfect way on how to stop coughing.


Warm Bath – The steam from the shower helps to hydrate your throat passages.  Stand in the shower and try to breathe deeply in the warm steam.


Apple Cider Vinegar – It helps diminish any irritation in your throat as well as upper respiratory tract. Mix water with a few teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar.


Hot Milk And Honey – Mix together a warm glass of milk and stir in a little honey.  Drink this gradually and be ready to have a cough-free night.


Humidity – Dry coughs are from dry air.  Humidity can aid avoid respiratory tract infections.  Running a humidifier is perfect but if you don’t have one, you can put a basin of water in front of heat vents. When water heats, it puts wetness into the air.


When to Seek Advice on How to Stop Coughing

Coughing can also be an indication of another severe. You should seek medical advice on how to stop coughing once you experience the following:


  • Green phlegm
  • shortness of breath
  • chest pain
  • recurrent night-time cough
  • pain and swelling in the calf
  • whooping cough or croup
  • sudden weight loss
  • worsening smoker’s cough
  • fever and sweating
  • hoarseness of your voice

You should consult your doctor for ways on how to stop coughing if any of the following symptoms accompany a cough occurs.


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