How to Stop Coughing with the Use of Herbs

How to Stop Coughing

As to the causes of cough, many could be found culprits to it.  They could be reaction to minor irritations, symptoms to the likes of cold or flu and maybe there is a more serious health condition causing it.  For those who are sure that their cough is caused by minor reasons or conditions, it could be possible to seek simple yet effective means on how to stop coughing.  And one of the popular options is to settle for natural remedies using herbs.

Yes, there is natural goodness in having herbs around the home as there are several of them useful enough to make effective remedies on how to stop coughing.  These remedies have in fact been around for ages already and they have been proven effective by many people all over the world before us.  Even before prescriptive medications have been introduced into the world, there are herbs growing most anywhere and they served to benefit many people both in the aspect of health and nutrition.

Herbal Remedies on How to Stop Coughing

You can find these herbs in many gardens, perhaps around your neighborhood or in your very own.  Sometimes we take them for granted all too easily that we hardly realize their value in the aspect of giving remedy and how to stop coughing.  Check out some of these useful herbs and how they can be effective cough remedies:

  • Ginger – This particular herb is claimed to contain compounds which actually help in the suppression of coughs.  When prepared for a remedy, it also helps relieve pain.
  • Anise – Also known as Aniseed or Anis, this herb is great in suppressing cough and at the same time in removing phlegm which is most often what gives difficulty for the one experiencing severe coughing.  If you want to know how to stop coughing that is sporadic, look no further as Anise is also one of the best bets for such type of coughing.
  • Licorice – This is one herb with a long history of use concerning issues of respiration as it helps in soothing the mucus membrane.  Licorice is often prepared as tea where its dried roots are the ones being boiled in water for tea.
  • Primrose – How to stop coughing with the use of primrose?  Simple. A teaspoon or two of its dried flowers can be prepared as tea and when taken, can be truly effective in relieving cough.
  • Mullein – This herb contains mucilage which by the way helps in soothing our throat.  Although tea prepared from Mullein can be a bit bitter, it is a good expectorant.

Additional Tips to Preparing Herbal Remedy on How to Stop Coughing

Even with several facts attesting to the efficacy of herbs on how to stop coughing, it does not eliminate the need for you to ensure you have considered all possible facts pertaining to your choice of herb to use.  There are herbs which may be not as effective or not as safe either.  When looking into herbal remedy on how to stop coughing, turn to those proven and tested common herbs.

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