How to Stop Coughing without Medication

How to Stop Coughing

When sick with a cough, the main priority is to figure out ways on how to stop coughing. While the body naturally relieves itself of every disease, searching for cures can make your recuperation quicker. Some medical experts instantly prescribe over-the-counter drugs for patients who come for cure in their clinics.

However, medicines contain chemical ingredients. While it is commonly harmless for the human body, it would not be healthy to always rely on medication for aid. Instead of cure, you might get worse due to side effects and complications. You don’t want that especially for your child.

How to Stop Coughing

Before you can find ways on how to stop coughing, you must learn the cause of your child’s cough. There are three types of cough: acute, subacute, and chronic. Each of these cough classifications are sorted out depending to how long you have been ill with it.

Acute cough is a health condition that lasts for one to three weeks. It is often caused by common cold, pneumonia, influenza, and allergies. This type of cough should be cured on its own without medicine. A cough is subacute when it lasts for more than three weeks. In this condition, your coughing remains though you’re cured of your illness.

Chronic coughing must be given medical attention. This kind of cough lasts for about eight weeks or more. It can be caused by severe illness or a complication of a different sickness. You should without delay look for doctor’s advice on how to stop coughing with this sort of cough.

Ways on How to Stop Coughing

Although you can all the time take some over-the-counter drugs to relieve coughing, it is healthier to try some home remedies first and quite a few natural methods on how to stop coughing before ingesting any pills.

  • For those with asthma, get an asthma care plan from your doctor. The asthma plan should assist you in choosing the appropriate asthma medicines to take.
  • For a “barky” cough, a hot / warm shower can help on how to stop coughing. Turn on the hot water in the shower in your bathroom and close the door so the room will steam up. Then, sit in the bathroom for 20 minutes. The vapor should help you breathe clearer.
  • A cool-mist humidifier can help with sleep.
  • Cool beverages can be comforting and it is vital to keep you hydrated. But don’t take soda or orange juice. These can harm a throat that is swollen from coughing.
  • Hot Tea with Lemon and Honey is a great natural remedy that has passed down through generations.  Tea has a natural calming effect on inflamed throats. The honey puts a nice coating on your throat to stop your cough.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar.  Mixing water with a few teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar will help decrease any inflammation in your throat and upper respiratory tract.

There are plenty more ways on how to stop coughing with items that you can find in the kitchen.

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