Tasty Home Remedy for Cough to Entice Kids

Home Remedy for Cough

In this world, things come equally to people no matter the gender and the age where as adults are likely to get sick and so do kids.  This is definitely true with cough.  While we adults come to experience cough in a rather annoying way, our kids are also likely to go through the same – sometimes maybe even more annoying for them it seems.  Parents should be aware of any effective home remedy for cough in order to help their kids when it should attack them especially at a time when medical aid is beyond reach.

For kids, ingesting just about any remedy for cough may not be as appealing because they know that it is “medicine” and most kids hate the fact that it is one regardless whether they have tasted it already or not.  As a parent you should be up for the challenge of finding a good home remedy for cough which your child would like.

Making tasty home remedy for cough

What would it take for your kid to accept the home remedy for cough you are offering without question – especially of its taste?  The perfect answer is to make the home remedy tasty enough for your kids.  Here are some tasty home remedies you can try and your kids may find enticing to take:

  • Honey – Do you know that with honey, cough is not only alleviated but at the same time serves as a good way to give your child better sleep at night?  It may not be dextromethorphan but it definitely works and tastes better than one.  A dose of honey is one tasty home remedy for cough you can give your child before bedtime as it coats your child’s throat to soothe irritation.
  • Tea – This is one tasty drink which can appeal to not only adults but to kids as well.  For cough attacks in children you can use the likes of linden tree flower tea or chamomile tea as these could calm your child and give remedy to the irritation that coughing is causing.  As long as you take note that giving such tea to your kids should be that it is not as hot in order to prevent their sensitive tongue from getting burned.
  • Lemon and Salt – These two are probably staple items in your home and kitchen so to have this as your home remedy for cough gives you pure convenience.  Both lemon and salt act as good anti-inflammatory which could be a good way to beat the irritation in your child’s throat brought about by coughing.  Simple squeeze lemon juice and sprinkle some salt for your child to drink.

Final Tasty Tip for a Home Remedy for Cough

Why force your child to take cough medicines which taste like “medicine” when you can have tasty home remedy for cough easily and affordably prepared?  Do not think buying prescriptive medications when your child’s cough is simply starting.

Take refuge in the ease in preparation of these home remedies.  At the same time, making tastier home remedy for cough makes it easier for you to have your kids take it – without any protest at all.

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