Tips for Pregnant Women: How to Stop Coughing

How to Stop Coughing

Coughing is bad enough already for one who is at a better state than those experiencing some kind of medical conditions, how much worse could it possibly be for those who are with some physical difficulties as brought about by some conditions like pregnancy.  For pregnant women, to cough ultimately means to feel a more uncomfortable feeling because of the sensation felt by almost every part of the body especially on the stomach.  How to stop coughing when you’re pregnant therefore becomes something gravely needed, the soonest.

For many pregnant women, it is never wise to take just any kind of medication without due consideration of your current state.  Learn to take note of what you can and can’t take when looking into how to stop coughing during pregnancy.

Ways on how to stop coughing during pregnancy

Since pregnant women can’t take just any medication it is a need to find ways on how to stop coughing during pregnancy.  You should be able to avoid possible adverse effects on you and your baby when getting rid of cough using remedies available.  Here are some of the methods you can use to stop coughing:

• Using decaffeinated tea – You can easily prepare decaffeinated tea by heating 2 cups of water and adding the tea bag.  Add lemon by squeezing a slice into the tea or maybe you can drop the lemon into the cup.  This should soothe your throat and rid of the irritation thus becoming one of the better options on how to stop coughing when you are pregnant.
• Breathing in Eucalyptus steam – You can start by boiling about 8 cups of water at a very high heat, then add in about 2 to 3 drops of your eucalyptus oil.  You can then breathe in the steam that it produces by draping a towel over the back of your head and leaning over the pot.  Such act will loosen congestion in your chest and nasal area.
• Taking over-the-counter prescriptions as approved by your physician – If much of your methods on how to stop coughing fails to give relief, try consulting with your physician and ask for recommendations on over-the-counter medications to relieve cough.  Perhaps acetaminophen or cough drops could be bought as long as your physician has approved of your use of it to stop coughing while pregnant.

Final words on how to stop coughing when pregnant

As most pregnant women are prone to sickness without proper rest, diet and hydration, be sure that you get ample doses of these things to help you on how to stop coughing during pregnancy.  Be sure that you are able to keep your immunity at a good standing and learn to avoid late night sleeps, eating unhealthily and not drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day.

Take note that nothing still beats prevention when it comes to dealing with sickness.  Be particularly cautious with your lifestyle and habits when you are pregnant so as not to find yourself worrying too much on how to stop coughing during pregnancy.


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